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English Football in the Modern Era : All the Action Season by Season - Jon Reeves

All the Action Season by Season


The English Premier League is the most popular club competition in the world. Since the restructuring of the League in 1992, the competition has been appreciated by fans from around the world and many of the 20 competing teams have become iconic sporting brands. The League has been dominated by the deeds of ‘superclubs’...Read More
A History of Football in Australia - Roy Hay



Order from our Lavish Showcase by January 31st and you could WIN a Thames & Hudson book pack, worth $900 RRP! Terms and Conditions apply. Product Description In coming years football will continue to excite sports fans throughout Austr...Read More
Fifteen Young Men : Australia's Untold Football Tragedy - Paul Kennedy

Australia's Untold Football Tragedy


Fifteen Young Men is the true story of a doomed adventure. It was a maritime tragedy that unfolded one sad, dark hour at a time. A cold, cruelly blustery night revealing – with agonising slowness – that fifteen young men of the Mornington Football Club would never make it home. As dawn broke and families began to mourn,...Read More
Drills & Skills in Australian Football  : AFL -  Aussie Rules Football Skills Manual - David Wheadon

AFL - Aussie Rules Football Skills Manual


In Drills & Skills in Australian Football, David Wheadon presents a comprehensive selection of drills and practices that relate to the key aspects of the modern game. With 176 specific drills, it is an extremely valuable resource that can assist coaches at all levels to plan and conduct effective training sessions. The most...Read More
Italian Verb Drills : 3rd Edition - Paola Nanni-Tate

3rd Edition


Get the expert instruction you want and the practice you need with the conjugation of Italian verbs - with bonus online interactive exercises. Italian Verb Drills helps you overcome the obstacles of Italian verbs, so that you can confidently use verbs when expressing yourself in Italian. This book explains how the Italian verb ...Read More
Basketball Skills & Drills with DVD - Jerry Krause



Great basketball players like Tim Duncan and Dwyane Wade draw oohs and aahs with their spectacular moves. But before those players developed their superstar flair, they built a solid base of fundamental skills in all phases of the game. "Basketball Skills & Drills" provides a perfect blueprint for building the foundation that e...Read More

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