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All Afloat

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Canada is the child of the sea. Her infancy was cradled by her waterways; and the life-blood of her youth was drawn from oceans, lakes, and rivers. No other land of equal area has ever been so intimately bound up with the changing fortunes of all its different waters, coast and inland, salt and fresh.

The Banner Boy Scouts Afloat

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"What are you limping for, Bobolink?" "Oh! shucks! I see there's no use trying to hide anything from your sharp eyes, Jack Stormways. Guess I just about walked my feet off today, goin' fishin' with our patrol leader, away over to the Radway River, and about six miles up." "Have any luck, Bobolink?" instantly demanded the third member of the group of three half-grown boys, who were passing after nightfall through some of the partly deserted streets on the outskirts of the thriving town of Stanhope; and whose name it might be stated was Tom Betts.

Autumn Leaflets

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This collection of poetry was inspired by Johnny Mercer's "The Autumn Leaves." Major themes of the collection include: the unity of nature, unification of all things, the role of Christians in the secular world, and the releasing of the past. While the majority of these poems are written in free verse, occasionally the author implements formal verse such as diamante and experimentations with the sonnet and sestina. "Autumn Leaflets" is sorted into four different titled sections: "The Falling Leaves," "Of Red and Gold," "The Sunburned Hands," and "Old Winter's Song." Each section receives its title from Mercer's lyrics and deals with nature, religion, relationships, and social problems respectively.


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