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Champions Of The Faith

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Champions of the Faith presents three Advent worship services with homilies based on the life and teachings of Athanasius, Ambrose, and Augustine. Through these homilies, you will meet these three champions of faith as if they lived today.

Champions Of The Truth

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Rawlyk argues that in the early part of this century the Maritime Baptist mainstream was far more accommodating and open-minded than Baptists in central Canada and the West. He shows that during the fundamentalist-modernist controversies of the 1920s and 1930s the vast majority of Maritime Baptists rejected the closed-minded Central- Canadian Fundamentalism of T.T. Shields. Instead they stressed what Barry Moody has referred to as the prevailing "Breadth of Vision" and "Breadth of Mind" of the nineteenth-century Maritime Baptist tradition. The Maritime Baptist mainstream emerges in Champions of the Truth not only as surprisingly progressive but as a force which, Rawlyk believes, helped significantly to shape certain key features of Maritime life between the wars. Rawlyk provides an answer to the question of why the Maritime Baptists in the 1920s and 1930s did not experience the same kind of bitter schism as central Canadian and western Baptists. As well, he attempts to explain the weaknesses of Maritime fundamentalism - especially that preached by the two sectarian Baptists, J.J. Sidey and J.B. Dagget. In the foreword to this volume, Larry McCann, Davidson Professor of Canadian Studies at Mount Allison University, describes Champions of the Truth as "a remarkable volume" and Rawlyk as "a gifted historian." He says that Rawlyk's essays, firmly rooted in a theoretical base and centring on dialectical analysis, constantly provoke.

The Heart Champion

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Among the charms of dream's world, we find many kinds of dreams. No two persons are really the same. They have different attitudes, visions of life, dreams, hobbies and mind. Someone wants to be businessperson; someone wants to be flight officer. Some one wants to be politician and many more. Here I'm starting to tell a character of my story book "The Heart Champion" that wanted to be the champion of hearts. He dreamed to be the most loved person in the world. He wished that whenever he might be died, people would make the rain of tears. They would organize prayers to recall to the world and people would never forget him. you can win the race, you can win the trophy, and you can win the land. But winning for Hearts is difficult. One who can win the heart is a real winner in the World. A story of love, dedicated friendship and bravery, you must read.


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